jueves, 5 de octubre de 2017

Wetsus PhD Positions

Wetsus, European Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology, is looking for 14 excellent candidates who want to pursue a PhD in water science and technology.

Requirements: MSc degree in chemical engineering, environmental engineering, microbiology, molecular biology, (organic) chemistry, membrane technology, polymer chemistry, (applied) physics, biotechnology, mechanical engineering,  electrical engineering, applied mathematics, soil physical-chemistry, soil biology or related disciplines.

The Ph.D. students will work in an innovative, dynamic and future-directed institute on water technology research and in close collaboration with industrial partners.

More information about the available research projects, the recruitment procedure and how to apply can be found at  http://www.phdpositionswetsus.eu.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 3 November 2017, 17:00 CEST.

Erasmus Mundus SERP+ Master - Admission Campaign 2018

Dear colleague,

We are requesting your help in order to advertise the Erasmus Mundus SERP+ master (www.master-serp.eu <http://www.master-serp.eu>). We intend to reach students in chemistry, physical-chemistry and materials science.

The teaching is delivered in English by a consortium of 4 European universities: University of Paris-Sud (France) - University of Genoa (Italy) - University of Porto (Portugal) - Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland).

This two-year master aims at training students in areas of great relevance such as: renewable energies, green chemistry, nanosciences, nanomedicine, innovative materials, applications of radiations.

We offer a lot of benefits for the students: an innovative summer school on transferable skills to develop entrepreneurial skills, the involvement of non-academic actors, an international and intersectoral mobility scheme, a six-month internship, and a large range of facilities offered to the students.

About 20 Erasmus Mundus scholarships (EU students: 32,800€; non EU students: from 41,800€ to 43,800€) and 15 places for self-financed students are available.

Applications online (_www.master-serp.eu_) before March 10th , 2018 for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship and June 30th , 2018 for self-financed students.

We thank you in advance for passing on this information to any student who might be interested.

Best regards,

Nicolas Rabasso

Nicolas Rabasso (Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry)
Méthodologie, Synthèse et Molécules Thérapeutiques,
Bât 410, Université Paris-Sud
15, rue Georges Clemenceau
91405 Orsay Cedex
Tel: (33)
mail: nicolas.rabasso@u-psud.fr

martes, 3 de octubre de 2017


Vía Alejandro Fernández Arteaga:

La Facultad de Ciencias, a través de las Coordinaciones de los grados en Ingeniería Química e Ingeniería Electrónica Industrial, convoca el I Concurso “LA INGENIERÍA PARA LA SOCIEDAD”, para todos aquellos/as alumnos/as de Grado de la UGR que deseen participar. Se establecen dos categorías, que no son incompatibles en cuanto a participación: 
  • CATEGORÍA I: Vídeo de corta duración (recomendado 30 a 60 segundos) en los que se plasme de forma analítica aspectos tales como: ¿por qué ser ingeniero?¿en qué ayuda la ingeniería a la sociedad?¿por qué estudio ingeniería?¿qué puedes aportar a los retos que afronta hoy la ingeniería?¿qué es para ti la ingeniería química?¿qué es para ti la ingeniería electrónica industrial? Habrá dos premios de 200 € para cada uno de los finalistas. 
  • CATEGORÍA II: Proyecto de automatización del control de un proceso industrial sencillo con herramientas de hardware y software libre. Habrá dos premios de 275 € para los dos equipos finalistas. 

Los interesados en participar están convocados a una reunión informativa el próximo lunes día 9 a las 13 h en el aula 113 de la ETSICCP (Caminos). Si algún interesado no pudiera asistir que remita correo a gradoiq@ugr.es indicando en el asunto "CONCURSO INGENIERÍAS"

viernes, 8 de septiembre de 2017

PhD Studentship - Energy Harvest 2.0 (3 years)

Vía Ignacio Melian-Cabrera:
Applications are invited for a three year Postgraduate studentship, supported by the School of Engineering and Applied Science, to be undertaken within the European Bioenergy Research Institute at Aston University, Birmingham, UK. Click here for more information.

martes, 4 de julio de 2017

Positions in TU Delft

Vía Chema Jiménez Gutiérrez:
The Department of Biotechnology is looking for ambitious scientists for staff positions in the area of biochemical engineering, bioprocess and fermentation technology, down-stream processing and/or (cell) systems engineering, who can help accelerate the sustainable use of biomass in biobased processes and circular value chains. We invite talented people who want to address these challenges with us. Check out the available positions and join our team of top researchers! Following your application, you may be invited to the symposium 'Grand Challenges in Biotechnology' that will take place on 1 September 2017.